I found a key – what should I do?

Have you found a key and are now wondering how to find the owner? Well, there is no patented solution for this.

First of all, the place where the key was found plays an important role, of course. If it was found in front of a shop or public institution, for example, first ask there whether the key belongs to somebody. Often it also helps to post a lost-and-found note with contact details at the location where it is found.

Afterwards, however, we always recommend handing over the key to the local lost property office. It is listed here and, in the best case scenario, returned to its owner. Police stations also accept found keys and forward them to the lost property office.

To sum up, you should proceed as follows:

Post note
Hand in keys to the lost property office or police

Does the lock number help?

We at Winkhaus are often asked whether we can determine the owner of the key based on the lock number. In short, we are not able to and also not allowed to. The security card is always required for matching. This legitimation must also be presented if a key is to be copied, for example. This ensures that unauthorised users cannot create a duplicate of a key. So no new key without a security card. Keys for simple cylinders from the hardware store are an exception to this rule. In any case, however, a locksmith on site must be contacted.

The security card is normally held by the landlord so that he can keep track of the keys in circulation.

I have lost my security card, what can I do?

If you have lost your security card, you can apply for a new card from a specialised dealer after submitting a legally binding declaration that you are the owner.

In addition, there are always used locking cylinders and keys available for purchase in various shops on the Internet. In such case, make sure that the security card is supplied. Otherwise, it cannot be ruled out that third parties could duplicate the key.