Thwart burglars at the patio door

Security and convenience for multi-sash patio doors

Multi-sash balcony and patio doors open up living spaces to the outside, letting in light and air. That’s why they are always so popular However, they are often also a vulnerability that burglars like to exploit. Window manufacturers can successfully thwart burglars with a practical component from Winkhaus: The ingenious corner drive improves protection against external access.

Window and patio doors with multiple sashes have a long tradition in Europe and are a recurring theme in building renovations. New building components offer many advantages: In addition to increased sound and heat insulation, they also offer a high degree of burglary protection.

Burglary-resistant windows and patio doors in resistance classes RC2 and RC3 can be built with the Winkhaus activPilot fitting system. Winkhaus developed the innovative add-on module to further optimise this protection on multi-sash elements in particular. It is located at the top of the inactive sash and makes it more difficult to manipulate the window fitting from the outside.

Technology protects against attacks
Gaining access via the seal is a widely used method: Burglars use a screwdriver to pierce the seal between the glass and the profile and gain access to the window or patio door handle. If they can move the handle, the window or patio door can be easily opened from the outside.
Winkhaus’ special double-sash corner drive can prevent these and other attacks: If the middle section of the window element is exposed in the event of an attempted break-in, it blocks the operating lever of the inactive sash fitting so that it cannot be moved easily. This makes it almost impossible to operate the window fitting from the outside when the window sashes are locked from the inside. A lockable patio door handle is recommended as an additional security feature. The new technology is also suitable for barrier-free solutions.





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