Children and students in a protected environment

Tailor-made solutions from Winkhaus keep daycare centres, schools and universities safe

Protecting the outer skin is particularly important in daycare centres, schools and other educational institutions. This is where doors perform a balancing act on a daily basis, as young people’s desired freedom of movement is countered by protection against unauthorised access. Even in an emergency, when a panic situation arises, the technical equipment of the door has to be up to the task of handling the situation at all times.

When it comes to public institutions, one thing always holds true: Everyone has to be able to leave the building quickly in an emergency. This is why Winkhaus created the panicLock AP4 anti-panic locking system. The Winkhaus panicLock AP4 secures both single and double sash external doors for escape and rescue routes.

The innovative technology sets itself apart by its high level of flexibility: For example, the same locking variant can be used for single sash doors in accordance with EN 179 as for doors that comply with the requirements of EN 1125. The panicLock AP4 can be used just as flexibly with profile cylinders. After all, it allows cylinders both with and without a free-moving cam to be installed.

Wide range of combination options

The panicLock AP4 range offers suitable solutions for all relevant variations of emergency exit and escape doors (B*, D**, E***). There are also many combination options with accessories such as handles and rods from a wide range of renowned manufacturers.

The change-over function B with shared (split) follower and handle on the inside and outside ensure that the emergency escape route remains open at all times, while preventing unauthorised access from the outside. With this equipment, a door like this is particularly suitable for schools. Those with locking authorisation, such as teachers or janitors, can engage the outer handle of the door with the locking cylinder and disengage it again in the evening. Access from outside is thereby prevented during the night. The door can be opened from inside at all hours as an emergency exit.

Variant specifically for kindergartens

With its panicLock AP179 AV3OR KG emergency exit locking system, Winkhaus has developed a variant for door handles with varying heights, specifically meant for child daycare centres. It blocks access from the outside during the night and opens the door as an escape route from the inside around the clock.

The technology works with two handles at different heights on the inside. Both handles can be operated with little effort and a single motion of the hand. Adults operate the door as usual – but at a comfortable handle height of 1.55 m, while the lower handle is easily accessible for children. However, it triggers an alarm when it is operated, so as to prevent children from walking out on the street unsupervised, for example. A one-handed entryguard (GfS or Deni) complements the bottom handle for this purpose. The element is attached below the door handle and shifts as soon as it is activated. At that moment an alarm sounds or, depending on the entryguard model, a message is also sent to the building network.

Enables customised concepts

panicLock AP179 AV3OR KG offers a variety of application variants – including specific solutions for pick-up and delivery times. It can also be combined with the Winkhaus blueMatic EAV motorised security door locking system. Doors equipped with this system can be opened from the inside at the push of a button – after visitors ring, for example.

Intelligent access under control

The security concept for an educational facility also has to focus on the locking system. It is becoming more and more common to have electronic systems to control who can enter the building and specific rooms at specific times. This saves costs in the event of key losses, restructuring in the organisation or building expansions. Because electronic access control offers flexibility and scores points with lower operating costs.

Winkhaus offers the blueSmart electronic access control system for such applications. A comprehensive range of components can be used to create tailor-made solutions that are also tailored to the requirements of educational institutions and daycare centres.

Virtual network

blueSmart can operate with an optional virtual network. Unlike conventional online access control systems, there is no need for extensive cabling, a large number of converters or interference-prone radio links. The system is quick and easy to install, since only the upload readers are connected online when the virtual network is used. Its task is to distribute commands from the administration software to the virtual network.

Passive key

The system transmits information between electronic cylinders quickly without any wiring. The transmitter is the blueSmart key. It is battery-free, sterillium-resistant, waterproof (IP68) and has an RFID chip inside. Users appreciate the familiar handling: The authorised key is inserted into the cylinder and turned – and the latch already retracts. Since there is no need to touch a knob, this solution also promotes everyday hygiene.

Losing a key is no big deal anymore

There is no need to replace the entire locking system if a key gets lost. The individual access authorisations are managed on a central PC in the facility with the help of the Winkhaus blueControl software and can be changed with just a few clicks of the mouse. Blocking a missing key takes effect in the virtual network just as quickly as changing access authorisations.

Door cylinders with no contact surface

blueSmart electronic cylinders do not require knobs, so they are flush-mounted in most cases. This reduces the risk of children’s fingers being crushed on the door frame and minimises the risk of injury when exercising in the hall, for example. Knob-free door cylinders also offer little contact surface for accidental or deliberate damage. Since the electronic cylinders are the same dimensions/measurement as mechanical profile cylinders, the doors do not need to be converted to make the switch.

Effective assistance in an emergency

Winkhaus has created VdS BZ+ class electronic profile cylinders to protect properties from break-ins. They are used to secure the outer shell of the building and are also suitable for safety-critical areas inside. The blueSmart range also offers the BS XX/18 anti-panic cylinder family to minimise dangers in panic situations. These cylinders are specifically meant for use in anti-panic multi-point locking systems based on a new design, including the current Winkhaus panicLock AP4 locking systems as well as other systems available on the market. This interaction keeps escape routes free in emergencies in accordance with DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125.

The electronic blueSmart cylinder BS 04 S10 MK offers protection in an active shooter situation. It allows anyone in the room to lock the door on the inside using a knob. An authorised key is required to open the door from the outside to prevent an active shooter from moving around freely within the building. Incidentally, there is a special coupling to ensure that the technology cannot be tampered with.

For info box:

*The panic function B with handles on both sides is designed for buildings that are accessible to the public: The inside handle has a classic panic function, while the outside handle can be mechanically engaged or disengaged as needed. The two handles are coupled by a split follower.

**The panic function D is intended for doors meant entirely as escape doors that are not used for other purposes: Conventional panic actuation from the inside not only unlocks the door, but also engages the outer handle – to enable escape or access by the fire department, for instance.

***The panic function E is suitable for doors which only a specific group of people have access to (company buildings). A blind plate or a knob is installed on the exterior; opening is only possible with the key. From the inside, it offers the classic panic function via the handle.


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