Avoid waste: Our path is blue

Whether it’s a vegetable section in a supermarket or an electronics shop at an online mail order business – the question comes up everywhere: How can we prevent packaging waste? We at Winkhaus have put a great deal of thought into this and are working with reusable solutions. It’s been a tradition with us for 30 years. Our customers like it.

Proven solutions for environmental protection and resource conservation
We use blue small load carriers from Comepack to transport our fittings to our customers. They are an important component in the responsible use of resources. Returns are cleaned and reconditioned for proper repeated use and repaired if necessary.

Circular economy with a system
Our production processes also focus on the careful use of resources, of course. Winkhaus is a member of AUF e.V. and contributes to the reusable material cycle with its aluminium waste. Other waste generated during production, such as steel or plastic, is also recycled. Our locations are certified in accordance with ISO 50001 (energy management).

Rather do it ourselves
Since we are one of the few manufacturers to have in-house electroplating, this area is also under our complete control. State-of-the-art technical systems work at the Telgte and Meiningen plants. This protects the environment and ensures responsible use of coating materials and at the same time the highest quality standards. Our own sewage treatment plants and combined heat and power plants support environmentally friendly operation.

We stay on the ball
After all, we don’t want to rest on our laurels. On the contrary, our focus is on a continuous improvement process to further optimise our resource-saving processes. We also focus on saving energy (gas and electricity) and operating resources (water, wastewater, chemicals) in the process. We treat process water with ecologically sustainable chemicals. All of this means we’re on the right track.

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