Sustainable solution: Durable fittings for durable windows

Winkhaus surface finishing guarantees high quali

Long-lasting components require high-quality technology. Window and door professionals at Winkhaus can rely on high quality. The manufacturer keeps an important production step in its own hands to guarantee this at all times: The surfaces of its window fittings and security door locking systems are coated in-house. The line is extensive and ranges from the standard coating with a “self-repairing” finish to the special solution for harsh climates. The company places great importance on environmentally friendly processes that conserve resources.

Winkhaus is one of the few German manufacturers that does the galvanisation work in its own factories. There are many advantages to cultivating in-house technology and know-how: a high level of quality, less reliance on suppliers, quick reaction times, responsible use of coating materials and environmentally friendly processes that save resources. Winkhaus has invested in state-of-the-art technologies at its locations in Telgte and Meiningen in recent years for this purpose. Our own laboratories, sewage treatment plants and combined heat and power plants support environmentally friendly operation. The waste heat from production is used to heat the electroplating lines.

Highest resistance class as standard

What’s more, being separate from electroplating means being able to respond to customer requirements more quickly and guarantees full control over surface quality. Winkhaus standard coatings already meet the requirements of corrosion protection class 5, the highest under DIN EN 1670. Thanks to that, they are highly resistant and can withstand 480 hours in the salt spray test. This means that they can hold up under exceptionally tough conditions.

Their finish is predominantly silver matt. Since dark aluminium windows are particularly popular in commercial and public buildings, Winkhaus uses a zinc-nickel black process for the surface finish of its aluPilot series fittings.

Durable, scratch-resistant coatings

Even the standard coating applied by Winkhaus can "repair" slight damage that occurs during normal daily use. Triggered by chemical processes, the silicon dioxide particles contained in one of the layers “migrate” to the damaged area and permanently reseal the damage. This ensures a particularly long service life for Winkhaus fittings.

Extremely durable for tough cases

The special coating which protects the activPilot Topcoat fitting system surpasses the values for class 5 by three times. With their refined finish, these high-grade fittings are ideal for use in extreme environments, such as coastal regions, moisture-prone rooms, agricultural areas and industrial areas. The fittings and their new surface finish are also suited to windows made of Accoya or woods containing tannic acids.

Four layers envelop the solid steel core and ensure its long service life and functionality. The intricate finishing process results in a smooth, gleaming, silver-anthracite surface, which also meets high aesthetic standards.

Sustainability as a principle

With their high-quality properties, Winkhaus fittings contribute to the longevity of building components around the world. Winkhaus practices this concept of sustainability in all divisions of the company. Winkhaus is a member of AUF e.V. and contributes to the reusable material cycle with its aluminium waste. Other recyclable materials produced in production, such as steel or plastic, are also recycled to avoid waste. Winkhaus is certified in accordance with ISO 50001 (Energy Management), among other things. The certification process in accordance with ISO 14001 (environmental management) is currently ongoing.

Proven packaging solutions conserve resources

Winkhaus uses reusable blue small load carriers for transporting fitting parts to customers. They are an important component in the responsible use of resources. Returns are cleaned, processed for proper re-use and repaired if necessary. Only environmentally compatible chemicals are used. Winkhaus customers have been supporting this environmentally friendly reusable system for many years.


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