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blueSmart at the German School Madrid

How great would it be to go back to school? While it might be a tedious everyday life for many children, it might not be such a bad option for us once in a while.

All the more reason for us to look forward to a visit to the world’s largest German school abroad – the German School Madrid – at the end of May.

As soon as you enter the site, you are on German soil, similar to how it is at an embassy. 1,600 children are taught here or looked after in their own kindergarten. Over 650 blueSmart cylinders have fulfilled access management and security requirements to date. They are used by more than 120 teachers, 30 childcare workers and other staff. This means that there are well over 150 people in total with different access rights.

What amazes us on the outside is the architecture. The structures designed here by Berlin-based architecture firm Grüntuch Ernst are absolutely astonishing. Every schoolyard has a view of Sierra, the Spanish King’s old hunting grounds. The architecture has also been adapted to this. One of the upper halls has a floor-to-ceiling window which also provides a view of the Sierra. At school, they like to call this window “The Painting.” And that’s what it seems like to us, too. If I went to school here, I would look out of the window all the time.

It didn’t take long for the decision-makers in Madrid to opt for blueSmart. Managing Director Werner Zidek states two major points:

1. The system works through viral and wireless operation.
This point was particularly important because once the locking system was decided on, it was no longer possible to wire the school’s doors.

2. It’s child’s play to organise.
Whereas two full-time employees used to be required to manage the locking system, only one part-time employee is needed today.

The cooperation with our Spanish colleagues was also “outstanding” and “exemplary” at all times,” says Zidek.

We are delighted to have received so much praise and would like to extend our gratitude once again for the two great days on site.

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