Simply upgrade: Multifunctional basement window

Good indoor air, protection against break-ins and vermin – Windows with activPilot Comfort additionally offer parallel action, ensure a secure supply of fresh air in rooms at risk of humidity and keep uninvited guests away.

Basements, laundry rooms and sanitary areas are often an issue, especially during renovations. Little daylight, a lot of contact with the ground and condensation may lead to moisture damage. Efficient ventilation can prevent this. Window professionals are able to help with minimal work: Winkhaus activPilot Comfort window fittings with an additional parallel action function ("opelosing") enable a constant supply of fresh air and provide protection against break-ins and vermin even in ventilation position.

A well-ventilated basement helps prevent structural damage from mould infestation and creates a healthy indoor climate. Winkhaus’ range of activPilot Comfort window fittings efficiently ensure a supply of fresh air without unpleasant draughts by means of a special opening function. Day and night, even when nobody is present. On-demand intensive ventilation is possible at any time. The technology can be easily used via the window handle and can also offer a high level of burglary protection up to RC2 during ventilation in parallel action. It also protects against the ingress of dirt, leaves and vermin. This removes the need for fly screens, mouse wire and other protective equipment.

"Opelosing" windows
Windows with activPilot Comfort fittings can be closed, opened and also "opelosed". With this innovative opening function, the window sash is offset from the frame, creating a circumferential ventilation gap of about 6 mm.

In "opelosed" position, the window lets fresh outside air in. As it flows into the room more slowly and evenly than with a tilted window, it heats up to room temperature faster. This prevents energy loss.

Suitable for many windows
As the activPilot fitting system is designed according to the modular principle, "opelosing" windows can be achieved with just a few additional components – both small and large windows made of PVC-U, wood or aluminium. Even existing windows can often be retrofitted with Winkhaus activPilot Comfort fittings.

Window fittings like these are particularly advisable in rooms with high levels of moisture or odours, such as basement and laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and WCs, as well as in bedrooms and children’s rooms. Plants and pets also enjoy a draught-free, pleasant indoor climate.


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