“Fresh air in the basement: innovative window fittings for a healthy indoor climate”.

Are you also struggling with odours and moisture in the cellar? In rooms with lots of ground contact and little daylight, there is a risk of structural damage due to mould formation – especially if the washing machine or dryer is frequently running. Efficient ventilation can prevent this. We have developed the activPilot Comfort PAD window fitting for “opelosing” to ensure a constant supply of fresh air in damp rooms. In the ventilation position, they also protect against unwanted side effects and unwelcome guests.

Healthy indoor climate through efficient ventilation
A well-ventilated basement contributes to a healthy indoor climate. Thanks to an additional opening function, fittings from the Winkhaus activPilot Comfort series efficiently guarantee a fresh air supply without unpleasant draughts. Day and night, even when nobody is at home. On-demand intensive ventilation is possible at any time. The technology is easy to operate via the window handle and can also offer high burglar resistance up to RC2 during ventilation. It also prevents dirt, leaves and pests from entering. This removes the need for insect screens, mouse wire and other protective devices.

The innovative “opelose” function – fresh air without energy loss
Windows with activPilot Comfort PAD can be closed, tilted and also “opelosed”. With this innovative opening function, the window sash is offset from the frame, creating a ventilation gap of about 6 mm all around. In "opelosed" position, the window lets fresh outside air in. As it flows into the room more slowly and evenly than with a tilted window, it heats up to room temperature faster. This prevents energy losses.

Suitable for many windows – retrofitting possible
Our special fittings can be used to retrofit windows made of PVC-U, wood or aluminium. It is often even possible to retrofit windows. They are particularly recommended in damp rooms such as basements and laundry rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, but also in bedrooms and children’s rooms. Plants and pets also enjoy a draught-free, pleasant indoor climate.

Summary: activPilot Comfort window fittings are the solution to prevent mould and unpleasant odours in damp rooms. The innovative ventilation function guarantees a fresh air supply without energy loss and provides additional safety. Invest in the health of your home and enjoy a comfortable indoor climate that benefits not only you, but also your plants and pets.