Plus X Award seal of quality for autoLock AV4D

The new Winkhaus security door locking systems impress an international jury.

The new generation of convenient automatic locking systems from Winkhaus has won the world’s biggest innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle: The jury of international experts from over 80 industries awarded autoLock AV4D with the Plus X Award 2023 for high quality, ease of use and functionality.

The Plus X Award seal serves as a guide for retailers and consumers when shopping. The jury members awarded prizes for innovative technologies, exceptional designs and intelligent and simple operating concepts. “Criteria such as good ergonomic and ecological product properties, a comprehensive range of functions and the use of high-quality materials and their handling are essential for creating a durable product with a long service life” and are therefore worthy of recognition for the organisers.

The award for the new autoLock AV4D security door locking system from Winkhaus was well deserved: The new automatic locking systems provide a particularly convenient means of securing contemporary entrance doors to houses and apartments. Burglary protection up to resistance class RC2 can be achieved with this technology. It is also low-maintenance and is particularly well-suited for external doors in dark looks.

Smooth-running all year round
Dark entrance doors are on trend, but may lead to problems with locking when exposed to sunlight. autoLock AV4D offers a solution to avoid situations like these: The innovative locking system is based on the tried-and-tested concept of the Winkhaus duo hook. The solid hooks extend automatically and lock the door securely when pulled closed. Additional sealing elements keep the door sash firmly in position and protect against weather influences and heat loss. Winkhaus has further optimised this technology for autoLock AV4D in order to counteract the warping of the door sash even more effectively.

Variants and equipment
Different variants and equipment are available to suit the various requirements of builders. These include a daytime latch or the entryguard. The range also includes a special locking system for daycare centres (panicLock AP179 AV4OR KG). autoLock AV4D OR is ideal for multi-family buildings where people must be able to exit the building safely around the clock. With this technology, the locked door can be opened from the inside without a key, while access from the outside is prevented.

Flexibility thanks to retrofit option
If the building owner’s requirements change, the mechanical locking system can be retrofitted with a motor (EAV). Fingerprint solutions or a pin pad can be integrated as a door opener, for example.

autoLock AV4D


Plus X Award