Full strength for energy-efficient windows

Winkhaus activPilot turn-tilt window fittings with strong hinge side support sash weights of up to 150 kg as standard.

In view of high energy prices, solutions are required that help to minimise heat losses. Windows with triple glazing are part of the solution – often in large scale to let more light into the home. But there is a disadvantage to these desirable features: high sash weights. The Winkhaus activPilot fitting system opens up new options in the production of heavy windows. Its strong hinge side supports sash weights of up to 150 kg without additional components.

The strong activPilot hinge side offers a real unique selling point for Winkhaus customers, as the window elements increase performance significantly.

Its clever technical details make an impressive impact: The hinge parts of the hinge side are made from solid steel. There are large contact surfaces in order to distribute the load from the increased weights more effectively and to improve the support on the frame. The corner hinge at the lower end is also longer, optimising the load transfer for heavy sashes.

This stable solution offers both aesthetic and functional benefits. The highly resilient steel hinges are also ideal for narrow frames. Window professionals also appreciate another feature of the activPilot Concept fitting system: The screw heads in the mounted window are invisible as they are concealed by the shear hinge and sash hinge.

Tested quality
The high-performance hinge side is tested according to the testing criteria of the new DIN EN 18126-8:2017 H3 standard. With just three screw connections of the shear hinge in the reinforcement, 20,000 opening and closing cycles with sash weights of up to 130 kg were completed in the test, verifying compliance with the guidelines of the organisation Gütegemeinschaft Schlösser und Beschläge for screwing load-bearing fitting parts on turn-tilt windows (TBDK).

A fourth screw connection of the shear hinge in the steel reinforcement enables a load bearing capacity of up to 150 kg under the same conditions. This is why Winkhaus can dispense with a special hinge side solution with more screw connections.

A wide range of sash hinges
All standard PVC-U windows as well as wood and aluminium windows with a 16 mm sash fitting groove can be realised in this way. This also applies to effective burglary protection functions (up to RC3). Two sash hinge versions are available: One is a pin version for screwing onto the sash overlap, and the other is a euro-groove version. The innovative euro-groove sash hinge is rolled in one piece and therefore made entirely from steel, meaning it can bear significantly higher sash weights. Winkhaus can also supply the products with a wide range of powder coatings on request. The overlap sash hinges are available with height adjustment as standard. They can also be optionally fitted with additional turn restriction or pressure adjustment. It is easy to retrofit the hinge variants at a later date, as the sash hinges have identical screw and pin positions.

Stable corner hinges
Winkhaus offers the matching new corner hinge in two variants: The narrow design (12 mm wide) is used in combination with the euro-groove sash hinge. The wide (16mm) right/left corner hinge is intended for use in combination with the overlap sash hinge. For high sash weights, a long pin is available that extends into the steel reinforcement.





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