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Multi-generation locking system secures municipal buildings and solves many individual tasks

Isernhagen is located northeast of the state capital of Hanover in Lower Saxony and has a population of 25,000. The municipality has around 86 properties with a gross floor area of around 150,000 square metres – including schools, nurseries, meeting places, its own depot, numerous sports facilities and fire stations. The municipality has relied on Winkhaus to secure its public buildings for more than 25 years. The first generation of electronic access control was introduced almost twenty years ago. Since then, the successor technology has successively replaced the electronics that have been tried and tested over many years. We found out what motivated the city to do this from Joost Götze, Head of the Office for Building Management and Property Maintenance:

1. How long have you been working with Winkhaus and why?
Various renovation measures were due in 2003, which also required the locking systems to be renewed. In addition, there were some new construction projects that called for a new system anyway. Our requirements for the locking system were high even back then: The solution also had to be suitable for installation in existing buildings, easily and without structural changes; key loss must not result in costly cylinder replacement. The system should offer time logging and flexible access control. After careful market research, we opted for the Winkhaus blueChip electronic locking system as the new standard for all municipal properties, as this versatile system met our requirements most effectively. We are still very satisfied with the choice. That’s why we were also open to the next generation of electronic locking technology from Winkhaus: From 2018, we gradually switched to blueSmart with the construction of the new school campus. The two systems can be managed with the same software with the necessary project planning and are therefore compatible with locking system administration.

2. Which project have you most recently used the solution for?
One of the latest properties in the municipality of Isernhagen is in Helleweg 1: It has been in operation since autumn 2020. The modern school campus is home to a secondary school and a comprehensive school. 1,700 pupils and 150 teachers attend the complex. All buildings are secured with the Winkhaus electronic access organisation system. Many internal doors are equipped with the intelligent blueSmart ETB-IM door handles. They blend perfectly into the modern architecture. Learning is fun here!

The building technology also meets the latest standards. Energy efficiency in particular was a key concern for us. The school campus supplies its own renewable energy. Over 100,000 kWh per year is also fed into the grid of the energy supplier!

3. Why did the municipality choose blueSmart?
The Isernhagen school campus project started in April 2016 with a user requirement analysis. The aim was to create a flexible and modern school campus that offers safety and security, is economical, sets accents with unique features and radiates an atmosphere that says: “This is school, this is where we live and learn.”

The results of this user requirement analysis were then incorporated into the invitation to tender. We were looking for a locking system that would suit our ambitious goals and had always been very satisfied with the previous Winkhaus system. The many years of good cooperation with Winkhaus and the specialist dealer Blöss ultimately tipped the scales in favour of the blueSmart system. With the Winkhaus software, the dual system consisting of blueChip and blueSmart can still be managed via a single software platform.

4. What functions does blueSmart carry out in building operations?
The technology supports us in many ways. It enables barrier-free access, for example, as the doors can also be opened contactlessly. And different user profiles can be programmed on the keys. This means, for example, that wheelchair users carry keys that allow them to use the lift or accessible toilets. And our sports teachers can control the hall lighting with their keys: The light switches to competition or training mode as required. The heating control in the sports hall is also linked to the system. In addition to energy management, blueSmart helps with many other tasks: The gate to the sports field is equipped with a narrow frame reader. Normally, this only grants access to a specific group of authorised people. As the place also serves as a meeting point for pupils and teachers in the event of a fire, the reader grants access to everyone if the fire alarm sounds. In this case, the gate is opened, while the rest of the time it remains closed and can only be opened with a teacher key.

The flush-mounted electronic door cylinder, which is part of the Winkhaus range, is a further advantage that is particularly useful in sports and school facilities. It reduces the risk of injury that can otherwise be caused by protruding knobs. At the same time, this minimises the potential attack surface for deliberate or accidental damage.

5. Who planned the locking system?
There was a public invitation to tender, which was ultimately won by the company Sicherheitstechnik Blöss. We involved the specialists in our planning at an early stage and signed a framework agreement. They advised us, worked with us to plan the new system, fitted the components and programmed the electronic locking system.

Information on Sicherheitstechnik Blöss:

Since 1954, Blöss in Hanover and the region has been looking after the needs of its customers in the field of building fittings, security technology, locking systems, doors, gates, frames and hardware. The company is the point of contact for specialist tradespeople as well as building owners, like the municipality of Isernhagen. Blöss GmbH currently employs 40 people. Customers appreciate the reliable service, competent advice and extensive experience, even with complex tasks.

The municipality of Isernhagen had consulted Blöss in relation to planning the right solution for the new campus building. Due to the challenging task, Winkhaus was the only choice for the specialists. They recommended blueSmart because this system can do so much and is also easy to use. The municipality had already had the same experience with the previous Winkhaus blueChip locking system. So choosing blueSmart was an easy decision.

Data on the campus project:
Campus size: There are buildings covering 12,720 sqm on the site
Number of flush-mounted electronic door cylinders: 270
Number of ETB-IM intelligent door handles: 74
Number of upload readers: 4
Number of blueSmart keys: 1,065, as access management for other properties is also administered centrally from the campus by the municipality of Isernhagen.

blueSmart von Winkhaus in der Gemeinde Isernhagen


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