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Solutions for burglary-resistant security door locking systems from Winkhaus

Einbrecher mit Brecheisen an Haustür

Weak points in the house

The most vulnerable places in your house are ground-floor doors and windows, of course. But there are targeted burglary-resistant measures you can take to protect them effectively. This is because burglars always work under great time pressure and are afraid of being discovered. They will give up quickly if it takes too long because the windows and doors are secured.

Einbruchemmung Haus mit Schwachstellen

Basic equipment

Not recommended for main entrance doors. Locking systems with eccentric cams are intended for hard-to-reach balcony doors on upper floors or connecting doors. Combining them with a mushroom-head closure significantly improves door security.*


Burglar resistance to RC1 N

The equipment as per resistance class RC1N is recommended for side entrance, vestibule and garage doors where direct access is not possible. The Winkhaus 3-point locking system with steel keeps on the frames has stood the test of time particularly well; it makes it very difficult to break open the door using physical force. Indispensable: a tested security handle set with anti-drilling protection. Laminated safety glazing is recommended.


Burglary resistance as per RC2, RC2 N and RC3

The German criminal investigation department recommends equipment with resistance class RC2, RC2 N or RC3 for entrance doors to houses, buildings or apartments. Ideal: the Winkhaus multi-point door locking system and its outstanding resistance to break-in attempts. The requirements for RC2, RC2 N: Multi-point locking system with at least 2 solid hooks (with claw action), tested handle set as per EN 1906, burglary protection class 2 with drilling protection, profile cylinder as per EN 1303, locking security: Class 4; attack resistance: Class 1 with drilling protection and other security components. Also required for RC2: Safety glass EN 356, class P4A, as well as panels with special security glazing as per EN 356, class P4A.


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*) Information on burglar resistance for windows and French windows is provided in the Winkhaus crime scene flyer for windows.