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Feeling safe within one’s own four walls gives people a good feeling. And that’s where Winkhaus’ access solutions start. Individually selectable components allow our locking systems to be optimally adjusted to meet your needs: Even our standard range offers great flexibility for your specific installation situation, such as in private homes as well as residential and commercial buildings.

Various system solutions for access control management

Mechanical locking system
Traditional mechanical locking systems can be easily and quickly installed in the mortise lock of the door. Apart from the keys, no additional components are required for the system. Mechanical locking systems are subject to rigid hierarchical structures. They therefore offer minimal flexibility in the event of organisational changes in the company. If a key is lost, an increased number of cylinders and keys usually also need to be replaced to restore the security of the building.


Electronic Access Control – the wireless offline solution
Equipping a building with an offline blueSmart locking system is extremely easy: The individual door components are battery-operated and do not need to be wired. Access authorisations or blocks (transactions) are programmed on the PC workstation with the help of the administration software and then manually transmitted to the respective doors by the administrator – referred to colloquially as 'legwork' programming. Programming transactions are transmitted either with a stand-alone programming device belonging to the locking system and/or a programming key. Executed transactions are logged back to the administration software.

Virtually networked electronic locking system – the quick-response solution
The virtual network of a blueSmart locking system is largely wireless and also exceptionally fast: Access authorisations or blocks are programmed on the PC workstation in the administration software. These transactions and commands are transmitted to the door components (locking cylinders, intelligent door handles, access readers or furniture locks) “automatically” via the virtual network with the help of blueSmart identification media. This usually saves long walking distances. The wiring required is also manageable: A virtually networked locking system only requires at least one communication interface in the form of an intelligent online reader (upload reader), which is connected online to the system management PC in the company. This means, for example, that access authorisations can also be set to expire on a daily basis, which saves a great deal of effort if a key is lost.

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Online access control – the convenient solution
An online-networked blueSmart locking system offers maximum convenience: All relevant data – such as access authorisations and blocks – is managed on a central PC (server). Commands and changes are sent directly to the access reader via the network infrastructure and are immediately effective there. Electrical door openers, motorised locks and other components supplement the technical equipment depending on the individual requirements. For example, reed contacts or deadbolt switch contacts on the door can monitor the door status (open, closed, locked). Connection to the building control system is also possible. In contrast to offline systems and virtually networked systems, all components of online access control are wired. Identification media are read on the access readers located next to the door.

Mechanical Access Control

Solid protection

Winkhaus mechanical locking systems have a long tradition. They have always stood for a high level of functional safety, user-friendly convenience and reliable protection. Thanks to high-quality finished surfaces and non-slip key shapes, you will enjoy patent-protected technology for many years to come. Many of our systems feature sophisticated details that provide technical copying protection, as well as drilling and picking protection. The areas of application of this powerful Winkhaus technology range from individual apartment doors to large building complexes. Keyed-alike cylinders are also possible.

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Our solution for private homes and small businesses

blueCompact is the high-performance electronic locking system for smart homes and company or club rooms. Up to 99 keys and up to 25 cylinders or readers can be controlled conveniently using the intuitive smartphone app. This allows you to transparently monitor all locking events, disable lost keys, flexibly restrict locking authorisations in terms of time and even issue authorisations remotely. A video tutorial explains every step – from simple installation to key programming. The innovative system does not require data to be stored in a cloud, as the information is securely stored on the master key.

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Our solution for companies

blueSmart is the intelligent locking system for the convenient administration of complex building structures. It innovatively combines the advantages of offline and online solutions with the benefit of virtual networking of locking systems, can be expanded dynamically and reacts flexibly to your individual requirements.

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