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blueEvo and blueControl

A new electronic locking system also requires new administration software that is perfectly matched to the locking system.

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Software and hardware

Just like our hardware, the focus of our blueControl administration software is on intuitive operation. The software makes it easier than ever before for users to set up their electronic locking system, render ongoing operations efficient and make quick changes in authorisations. Clear and user-friendly.

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Simple, intuitive operation thanks to structured user interface, function navigator and Power Search with jump to direct functions

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Various options for connecting third-party systems via an API interface

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Easy to access via the web browser

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Consistent security architecture thanks to cryptokey security and database encryption

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Software packages according to your needs – seamlessly expandable at any time and always up-to-date with a software maintenance contract

Software overview

Intuitive operation
The software enables simple, intuitive operation. The structured user interface, the function navigator and the new Power Search function make it much easier to find your way around.

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Responsive design
blueControl is browser-based software and can therefore be used anywhere and on different devices.
Whether desktop PC, laptop or tablet. Thanks to the responsive design, you always have a perfect overview on different media.

Keys/identification media

blueEvo is a key-operated locking system. We are convinced that this will bring about an optimal user experience. Our keys are extremely durable, maintenance-free and waterproof (IP68).
Nevertheless, in combination with corresponding component types, we also offer solutions that can be used with ID cards, key fobs and transponder bracelets as an alternative or supplement to keys. The following applies to all our identification media: We supply the identification media with freely writable memory space for third-party applications – if, for example, an existing time recording system, a cafeteria or simply a charging box for an electric vehicle is to be operated with the same identification medium. We also integrate various additional transponders into our identification media.

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Our extensive range of profile cylinders offers the right solution for almost every application, both indoors and outdoors. In addition to our battery-operated cylinders, we also offer wired cylinders that can be operated with large battery packs or power supplies. Each type can be ordered in the length required for your installation situation.

Access readers

We offer access readers as offline, online and Virtual Network Hub readers for virtual networking of the locking system. They blend seamlessly into any building, as we offer them not only in our own Winkhaus design in white and black, but also in switch programs from GIRA®, Siedle®, Jung® or ELCOM® and as a compact OEM module for self-installation. Readers are available in indoor and outdoor versions as surface-mounted, flush-mounted and narrow frame versions. All readers have two relays that can be individually authorised for different functions, such as the actuation of alarm systems.


Door handle fittings

We have your indoor and outdoor requirements covered with the numerous functions of our door handle fittings. We offer different technical variants for both areas (e.g. also for tubular frame doors). Available in stainless steel look with black or white pane and with five different handle designs, some of which come in U-shape for emergency doors in accordance with EN 179. Permanent release can be set manually or automatically for all door fittings during daytime operation.


Access control

The access control centre and the associated I/O extension modules enable the connection of online readers (type ZK). On these readers, changes in authorisations take effect directly on the component and doors can be locked in seconds. Doors can also be monitored online and door transactions logged in real time. Remote opening, anti-passback and many other functions are also possible. These can be individually adapted to accommodate your projects. blueEvo enables smooth mixed operation, for example for online security of server rooms and the virtual networking of other doors in the property.

Winkhaus Portal

Visit our Winkhaus Portal and find out more about blueEvo hardware. There you will find a wide range of helpful information on selecting and setting up our product.

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