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The new generation of the fully motorised blueMotion+ door locking system impresses with its automatic, powerful locking and unlocking and a very tight seal. The two solid hooks and the main deadbolt are driven by a powerful 24 V motor. The new motor is equipped with a radio module so that the door can be conveniently locked and unlocked with the Winkhaus doorControl App.

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Other product benefits

The most convenient way to operate a door: With our new generation of fully motorised door locking systems, a 24-volt motor does a great job. It drives the solid hooks and the main deadbolt. The new blueMotion+ motor is equipped with a radio module so that you can also use the Winkhaus doorControl App to command whether the door should open or close via Blootooth® or WLAN.

Simply smart with doorControl

You no longer even need a key to operate your fully motorised door locking system. Simply use your smartphone and install the Winkhaus doorControl App. This means that you can also grant individual access times and authorisations to user groups and manage access authorisations easily – for up to 25 doors and 100 users.

Product information

Tightness and “maximum convenience” due to fully motorised locking system
Thanks to the powerful new motor, blueMotion+ locks and unlocks your door powerfully and tightly at the same time. A built-in energy storage device ensures that you can open and close the door at any time – even in the event of a power failure – with a key or via the door handle. The optional panicLock BM+ AP anti-panic variant is therefore also approved for securing emergency exit and escape doors.

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Holiday lockout function
A constant feeling of reassurance: The practical blueMotion+ holiday lockout function creates even more security. This feature makes it possible to block the handle from the inside and still open the door from the outside using a motor. For example, to ensure that children playing indoors do not open the door unsupervised.

Day/night mode
Particularly helpful for doors with a high level of public traffic: The fully motorised blueMotion+ locking system has a daytime mode. If required, it ensures that the hooks remain pulled back when the door is closed. This means that the building can be accessed at any time without a key. In night service mode, on the other hand, the hooks extend automatically when the door is closed.


Safe even without power
Safe and functional at all times – even without a power supply: The new motor housing of blueMotion+ contains a powerful energy storage unit. It ensures smooth mechanical operation, even in the event of a power failure, by bringing the motor to a safe system zero position. This module is particularly important for blueMotion+ in its function as a panic locking system if the door is to be used as an emergency exit or escape route.

Further benefits


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Unlocking via smartphone app

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Compatible with all major access control systems

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Suitable for use in swing doors

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Energy storage built-in as standard, which is especially important for the anti-panic locking systems

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Greater selection of profile cylinders, as there is no requirement for “free-to-turn” cylinders

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Status display in the app in the Bluetooth® and WLAN area, cable-based feedback as an option

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Motorised swing door openers can be controlled

Comparison of the motorised security door locking systems

blueMatic EAV4 blueMatic EAV4+ blueMotion+
Motorised unlocking
Motorisches Verriegeln - -
Increased tightness ++ ++ +++
Controllable with an app -
Daytime release (TaFa) Optional Optional Optional
Panic variants Optional - EN179 Optional - EN179 Optional - EN179+1125
Signals “Locked”/"Door open"/"Door closed" - Optional
Voltage supply 24V DC 24V DC 24V DC
Access controls (fingerprint, code...) Optional Optional Optional


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