Windows can be closed and opened. Now you can also “opelose” them.

Thanks to Winkhaus, windows are not only easy to close and open, but also to “opelose”. This enables parallel action, an additional opening function that the Winkhaus activPilot Comfort fitting system offers. The window sash is offset with a gap of about 6 mm around the perimeter for ventilation.

Opelosing protects against burglary.

Increased burglary protection is achieved with the unique locking keeps. Hard as steel, Winkhaus security components on all sides of the window make it difficult to pry the window sash open. It is also very difficult to recognise from outside that the window is opelosed. Therefore, continuous and secure basic ventilation can also be provided in your absence.

+ Even when the window is “opelosed”, the locking bolts are still fully in the special keeps
+ Burglary resistance up to EN 1627 – 1630 RC2 can be achieved

Energy-saving air exchange

Opelosing means fresh air with less temperature loss.
When windows are placed in “opelosed” position, fresh outdoor air flows into the room more slowly and more evenly. Air is thus warmed to room temperature more quickly and energy losses are reduced considerably

Protection from insects

With a gap of only 6 mm, pesky insects hardly have a chance to enter the house.

Less stress thanks to less outside noise

The 500 - 1500 Hz frequency range is largely responsible for disturbing traffic noise, and this is reduced by an “opelosed” window by about 9 dB more than a tilted window on average – in which a reduction of 10 dB is equivalent to halving the volume. This allows ventilation and yet keeps background noise to a pleasant minimum.

Healthy indoor climate

Wherever there is a lot of moisture, continuous opelosing to allow fresh air into the room is a very good solution to prevent mould.

Increased supply of fresh air

The amount of fresh air intake depends on local wind conditions. This way, the volume flow per running metre (sash rebate size) in relation to the various wind speeds can be read from the diagram.

Example: In a slight breeze (6 - 11 km/h wind speed), this results in an air exchange of approx. 10.7 m³/h per running metre. This means that approx. 42.5 m³/h of air is exchanged with a window size of 1 m x 1 m.

Good reasons to “opelose” the window.

Air exchange
Easy to use
Saves energy
Better noise suppression
Better protection from driving rain
Protection from insects
Protection of pets
Temperature loss**
2°C/10 min.
0.5°C/10 min.

*) Burglary resistance up to RC2 can be achieved.

**) Source: Study by the Technical University of Münster.

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