Retrofitting for doors

Security door locking systems from Winkhaus give you just the security you need. Individually tailored to your requirements. Every security-relevant part is made of hardened steel: solid hooks with claw action and keep rails. In addition to locking systems, Winkhaus also offers sturdy entry guards for entry guard functions and door hinge safety devices. Winkhaus multi-point locking systems are available in various convenience levels – up to motorised automatic locking systems. In addition to the security levels, you can further increase your burglary protection with burglary alarm systems.

Winkhaus Endkundin

Standard door


1-point locking system with main deadbolt

Door with security lock

Tür mit massivem Einbruchschutz

Solid burglary protection: The hooks engage into the keep rail of the door frame, thus powerfully locking the sash in the frame.

Securely retrofit doors

If you want to retrofit your own entrance door – which is still in perfectly good order – it will be in good hands with Winkhaus.

Daumen hoch

Quick, clean, uncomplicated

Many doors can be retrofitted with secure multi-point locking systems on site – thanks to our modular retrofit system (tested to DIN 18104–2) or our proven multi-point locking systems from the hookLock or autoLock range.

Solid security

Whether locking elements from the retrofit range such as double bolts or the time-tested hooks with claw action – all offer solid security against burglary thanks to their construction and/or materials.



Measures to improve burglary resistance are eligible for financing, e.g. according to programme 455 of the KfW [Development Loan Corporation],
"Eligible products include
- doors tested in accordance with EN1627 RC2 (with burglary-resistant multi-point locking systems)
- or retrofit systems such as multi-point locking systems as per DIN 18104 Part 2
- or multi-point locking systems (with closing bow function) as per DIN 18251, Class 3"

Retrofitting with Winkhaus

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