Door locking system

Security with a concept

At Winkhaus, security is not just a feeling, but the all-around concept which our innovative security door locking systems are based on. With these sophisticated solutions, we take aim at the requirements in security technology and combine them with user-friendly convenience. Thanks to this comprehensive approach, Winkhaus technology makes countless doors all over the world even more secure. Winkhaus relies on effective mechanical, automatic and motorised solutions that offer dependable protection. Our technologies are compatible with many intelligent systems from leading access control providers.

Türverriegelung Haustür grau Wand weiß

Mechanical door locking systems

The high-quality and positive drive technology of Winkhaus mechanical door locking systems with multiple locking points guarantees functional long-term reliability and stands for effectively secured locking technology. The systems are distinguished by a good locking operation and insensitivity to dimensional tolerances.

Winkhaus hookLock 3D Abbildung

Motorised door locking system

Smart technology starts at the front door

Front doors can be operated extremely conveniently with motorised support. By app, fingerprint, touchpad and other common access control systems – or simply by key. Motorised multi-point locking systems from Winkhaus have many ways of securing doors. Plug'n'play solutions for connection to access control systems simplify the installation of the innovative technology.

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In Germany, the standards EN 179 and EN 1125 govern the use of locking systems for doors on escape and rescue routes. The modern emergency exit and anti-panic locking systems from Winkhaus offer security certified according to these standards.

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