Mechanical door locking system

Reliable protection

The extensive range of systems offers numerous options for customising doors. The locking type and the number of locking points can be determined on an individual basis. Mechanical door locking systems from Winkhaus are available in the following versions: hook locking systems, bolt locking systems, mushroom-head/eccentric cam locking systems and automatic locking systems.

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autoLock AV4D Schlosskasten

autoLock AV4D

Smooth-running and convenient: When the door is pulled shut, it falls smoothly into the lock and can be opened again just as easily. Particularly recommended for front doors in dark trendy colours.

hookLock M

A conically shaped hook and an effective contact pressure offset provide a good locking operation.

hookLock Ergonomic

Lock up without a key when leaving the house: hookLock Ergonomic locks the door securely and securely from the outside just by using the door handle.

autoLock AVP

Experience security: The automatic locking mechanism locks quickly and forcefully when the door is pulled closed. Faulty operation is impossible!


The eccentric cam and mushroom head make Winkhaus multi-point locking systems cost-effective security solutions for front doors and side entrances. Up to four additional tightening points ensure a good seal.


Winkhaus’ state-of-the-art emergency exit and anti-panic locking systems offer certified security in accordance with EN 179 and EN 1125 standards for locking systems for doors on escape and rescue routes.


Doors handle important tasks in fire protection. That’s why they need to stay securely closed at all times in an emergency. This stops fire and smoke and frees up valuable time for rescue measures.

solidLock B

Also ideal for retrofitting: Especially easy to install, the robust technology offers the highest security and even tolerates larger dimensional variations.

solidLock D

Thanks to the bevelled double dead bolt of the easy-to-install locking system, new or retrofitted doors close conveniently and reliably with a tight seal.

solidLock D Nachrüstkoffer

solidLock D REP

Retrofit your entrance doors: Security door locking systems from Winkhaus give you just the security you need. Individually tailored to your requirements.