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More security and convenience with autoLock AV4D

The new generation of automatic door locking system

Whether in a dark or light colour, made of PVC-U, wood or aluminium: Securely and tightly lock doors and unlock them with ease – this is exactly what you can expect from the new generation of automatic multi-point locking systems from Winkhaus.

The autoLock AV4D locking system from Winkhaus is an automatic security door lock with independently acting hooks for claw action and sealing elements for a dynamic contact pressure. By simply pulling the door closed, the sealing elements and the solid hook are triggered via a magnetic release on the frame and the door is secured against undesired entry. This ensures that the door always remains securely locked and remains firmly in its frame even without additional locking. The solid hooks, sealing elements and latch can be retracted manually using the profile cylinder or door handle.

The AV4D hook

We have retained tried-and-tested features and have also added improved ones: The new generation of automatic multi-point locking systems features a solid hook (2) in a new geometry that extends automatically without turning the key and, locked against being pushed back, retracts deep behind the keep rail. This means the door is securely locked when pulled closed which makes a break-in more difficult. Combined with an additional sealing element (1), the door sash is kept more securely in position and protects against the effects of weather and heat losses. The new geometry of the hook effectively counteracts the warping of the door.

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autoLock AV4D

Increased weather performance

“There's a draught.” Users of autoLock AV4D or blueMatic EAV locking systems will rarely hear this phrase. Thanks to the dynamic contact pressure of the sealing element, doors stay flush and seal-tight for many years. The new technology ensures that the door retains its smooth movement and can always be opened with minimal effort. This sets the systems apart from other automatic door locking systems on the market.

AV4D Dichtigkeitselement

Product information

Keyless immediate locking function
The multi-point locking system locks the door securely and tightly – just by pulling the door shut, without having to lock up with a key. A central magnetic trigger makes for a smooth locking mechanism. This makes scuffs and scratches from latches or the tracer pin on door keeps a thing of the past. Fewer visible mechanical elements lend it an unobtrusive appearance.


Protection while on holiday
And if you want even more security while on holiday or during other long absences, the Holiday function and the main deadbolt can be activated with just one turn of the key, preventing the door from being opened from the inside.

Easily upgradable
As Winkhaus systems are modular, it is also possible to upgrade autoLock AV4D to blueMatic EAV with a separate motor housing later. For example, fingerprint solutions or a pin pad can be added as electric release.

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Daumen hoch

The entryguard from autoLock AV4D – added security
Be prepared when the bell rings unexpectedly: The sturdy entryguard from Winkhaus initially keeps unexpected visitors at bay. It enables the door to be opened by just a small gap to prevent the person outside from entering the house. Everything else though is possible: Checking who is at the door, talking to them, and – if necessary – turning them away. Another benefit: Thanks to the “adult height” attachment, the entryguard can prevent small children from leaving the house unattended! Opening from the outside is just as easy and takes place as usual – via the key, without additional actuation.

autoLock AV4D M4 – secured five times over
Feel even more secure: Four duo hooks and the main deadbolt – making it extremely difficult for strangers to force your entrance door open. You don't have to do without convenient features, as the door locks automatically with innovative magnetic technology and opens for you smoothly using the door handle or locking cylinder. By the way: Our brand-new 4D technology makes even dark entrance doors extremely easy to use.

Schwenkriegel mit Zahnrad

autoLock AV4D OR – clear paths in an emergency
You can rely on Winkhaus technology: In an emergency, it must be ensured at all times that everyone in multi-family homes can exit the building – even without keys. Winkhaus solutions for escape and rescue routes from the Winkhaus panicLock range meet these requirements. With autoLock AV4D OR, Winkhaus also offers a cost-effective solution for multi-family buildings, where a panic or escape door is not explicitly required. The Winkhaus autoLock AV4D OR automatic security door locking system opens doors from the inside at any time, day or night. It is also equipped with a keyless immediate locking function which intervenes instantly when you leave the house to prevent unauthorised persons entering the building.

TaFa – the innovative daytime latch

The door can be opened from the outside without a key thanks to the convenient daytime latch (TaFa). To date, Winkhaus is the only manufacturer to offer automatic multi-point locking systems in combination with the dual hook and convenient one-hand operation. Just one movement is enough to actuate the TaFa. Thanks to the blue switch, you can immediately switch to daytime opening and reliably lock the door again when you reset it. The handy element is easy to install and can also be retrofitted.

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autoLock AV4D
Security made easy


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