Three versions, one goal: Your individual living comfort

primePort SK

The three versions of our primePort SK slide-tilt fitting system offer a simple solution for individual living comfort. primePort SK 100 S and SK 160 S allow easy opening by sliding or tilting, whereas primePort SK 160 Z and SK 220 Z enable safe operation of large window sashes. primePort PAS ensures a healthy indoor climate through optimal ventilation. All fittings combine intuitive handling, security and convenience for pleasant use.

primePort Wohnküche

System living

Ideal areas of application for primePort SK-S, SK-Z, PAS

Our three fitting technologies primePort SK-S, SK-Z and PAS are ideal for modern rooms with a focus on ease of use, security and a healthy indoor climate. Perfect for living and working environments that prioritise ease of use, security and well-being.

Impressive advantages

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Intuitive operation

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Smooth mechanics

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Burglar resistance up to resistance class RC2 possible for all opening scheme A variants

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Parallel action for particularly efficient and safe ventilation available

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Large opening width of 135 mm for deep profiles

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Durable, certified activPilot central locking system

Strong arguments for manufacturers

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Only one tool required for adjustment: TX25

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Tool-free sash attachment possible

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135 mm opening width and a maximum permissible sash weight of 220 kg

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Uniform handle design incl. screw-on drive, available in seven colours

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Modern design of the cap and covering profiles, available in seven colours

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Simple and quick conversion to the primePort PAS parallel action slide version


primePort AS

The space-saving solution with hidden mechanics when using the activPilot central locking system.

primePort HS Haus am Meer

primePort HS

Die komfortable Option für mehr Barrierefreiheit durch einen komfortablen Zugang ins Freie.


primePort SK primePort AS primePort HS
Sash weight 220 kg 250 kg 440 kg
Opening width 135 mm 8 mm -
Tilting possible Yes No No
Barrier-free version possible No No Yes
Security RC2 possible RC2 possible RC2 possible
Application High-rise buildings,
single-family and
multi-family houses
High-rise buildings,
commercial buildings,
public institutions
Single-family homes,
semi-detached houses,
real estate


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