Mechanical Access Control

Solid protection

Winkhaus mechanical locking systems have a long tradition. They have always stood for a high level of functional safety, user-friendly convenience and reliable protection. The areas of application of powerful Winkhaus technology extend from individual apartment doors to large building complexes.

mechanische Zutrittsorgansiation alle Schlüssel

Broad spectrum for individual solutions

The high quality and broad product portfolio are particularly impressive. Whether for individually secured locks with a security card for your own home or for locking system planning for small, medium or larger locking systems. We also offer tailor-made products for increased security requirements and special requirements. Fire protection approvals or increased attack resistance classes according to current standards and guidelines, support in meeting the required resistance classes with drilling and pulling protection variants or special requirements such as tear-off protection or seawater resistance are just some of the advantages we offer you.

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Zutrittsorganisation keyTec N-tra Schlüssel Zylinder

keyTec N-tra/N-tra+

Reversible key systems for buildings of all sizes.

mechanisch Zutrittsorganisation keyTec AZ Schlüssel und Zylinder

keyTec AZ

Economical, universal and safe.

mechanisch Zutrittsorganisation keyTec ZRV Schlüssel und Zylinder

keyTec ZRV/ZRV6

The key to more opportunities.

mechanisch Zutrittsorganisation keyOne X-pert Schlüssel und Zylinder

keyOne X-pert

Tried and tested in everyday life.

keyTec RAP Schlüssel und Zylinder

keyTec RAP/RAP+

The locking system that loves major challenges.

RPE Zylinder mit Schlüssel

keyTec RPE

The modern locking system for your own home.

mechanisch Zutrittsorganisation keyTec X-tra Schlüssel und Zylinder

keyTec X-tra

The flexible reversible key with special convenience.

mechanisch Zutrittsorganisation keyTec VSX Schlüssel und Zylinder

keyTec VSX

The robust all-rounder for private homes or apartment buildings.


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