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As the saying goes, opportunity makes the thief. Leaving the house without taking precautions – even briefly – is an invitation to burglary. Burglars like to make things easy for themselves. They are specifically looking for weak points in the house so they can get to work as quickly as possible.

Crimes at unexpected times

According to statistics, most break-ins don’t take place under cover of night, but in broad daylight, between 12 o’clock noon and 8 pm. When the residents are out of the house, the thieves go to work.

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Every minute counts. 48% of break-ins take place through French doors, 31.9% windows. Following far behind are entrance doors, in 12.43% of cases, and last comes the basement area, with 7.24%.

In single-family houses, patio (or “French”) doors and windows are pried open first and foremost. *

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Weak points in the house

Basic security

Winkhaus basic security is a fitting system which fulfils all basic functions at a high level of quality. However, the octagonal bolts and steel keeps in this equipment do not achieve a “tested” level of security. For that reason, in terms of burglary resistance, they are only intended to be used for skylight and gable windows that are difficult to reach. They are not recommended for ground-floor windows.

Minimum glazing requirements:
No requirements for safety glass

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Burglar resistance as per RC1, RC1 N

Windows in resistance classes RC1/RC1 N may be suitable for hard-to-reach and easily visible windows, such as those on the upper floor, where it is unlikely that the glass will be attacked directly. There is no burglary test with tools for the fitting system with four octagonal locking bolts and steel keeps on the frame as well as anti-drilling protection and a lockable window handle. In connection with the low security level of the glazing, police detectives in Germany only recommend this design to a limited extent.

Minimum glazing requirements
RC1: Safety glass as per EN 356, class P2A
RC1 N: None

Winkhaus offers window manufacturers solutions for tested designs as per DIN EN 1627–1630 in the licencing process.

Burglary resistance as per RC2, RC2 N and RC3

The criminal investigation department of the German police recommends the use of resistance class RC2 or RC3 for easily accessible windows, such as those on the ground floor, in the basement, or on balconies. For RC2 N, the recommendation only applies to a limited extent due to the undefined security level of the glazing. Even with RC2, the all-round fitting system with octagonal locking bolts, steel keeps on the frame, lockable window handle and anti-drilling protection ensure excellent resistance to attempted break-ins. RC3 windows are equipped with an even higher number of octagonal locking bolts at small distances between locking points. They can also withstand intensive burglary attempts with tools.
Minimum glazing requirements
RC2 N: None
RC2: Safety glass as per EN 356, class P4A
RC3: Safety glass as per EN 356, class P5A

Winkhaus offers window manufacturers solutions for tested designs as per DIN EN 1627–1630 in the licencing process.

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"With RC2 and RC3 tested windows, burglars hardly stand a chance!"

All security-relevant Winkhaus fitting components, such as the octagonal mushroom head and security keeps, are manufactured from hardened steel.

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* Source: Cologne Study, 2017