Pocket-sized expertise for window maintenance

New app for activPilot Concept and Select fitting systems for practical use on site.

The new activPilot service guide app from Winkhaus provides helpful support on the construction site. This app teaches service teams and window fitters how to operate, maintain and adjust components with the activPilot Concept and activPilot Select fitting systems in a practice-orientated approach. Two viewing modes – traditional with 3D representations or in AR technology – convey the instructions clearly.

Practical tips for experts are provided by the user-friendly app, which also makes use of augmented reality (AR). This clearly illustrates the important information: What steps should be followed to maintain a window fitting? How do side and height adjustments work? How can the contact pressure be changed? How do I regulate the detent force of a triple function element? How do I operate the lever of a double-sash window? What must be observed for the fail safe device, sash lifter and balcony door catch function? And how can sashes be securely attached and removed?

For questions such as these, the app offers instructions intended for specialist personnel. This means that fitters are ready for the task at hand without the need for time-consuming research and are able to independently adjust and maintain a wide range of windows in the shortest possible time.

Anyone who works with Winkhaus is familiar with the extensive range of services. The new app is another tool offered by the fitting manufacturer to assist its customers. The company’s philosophy is to support market partners throughout the entire process – from window production and mounting/fitting, to on-site maintenance of the elements. Because another important thing to remember: Well-adjusted windows are easy to operate and last longer. And this will also please the end user.

The new activPilot service guide app is now available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Pocket-sized expertise for window maintenance