Long-lasting and trendy-looking convenience for doors

New generation: Winkhaus autoLock AV4D security door locking systems for smooth-running external doors.

Carefree security for trendy entrance doors: The new Winkhaus autoLock AV4D automatic locking systems are low-maintenance and especially well-suited for external doors in dark colour schemes. A wide range of variants will be sure to have the right answer for almost any task. This easy-to-use technology can achieve burglary protection classes of up to RC2.

Dark entrance doors are the latest trend. When exposed to sunlight, the material expands and can impair the door’s closing performance. This may lead to complaints. autoLock AV4D, the new generation of convenient security door locking systems from Winkhaus, prevents such critical situations.

The new locking system is based on popular and proven autoLock AV3 technology. Like its predecessor, the multi-point locking system features unique duo hook technology. It is based on solid hooks that automatically extend without the key even having to be turned and engage deep behind the keep rail. This means that the door is locked securely even when pulled shut. Combined with the additional sealing elements, the door sash is kept in position more securely and protects against the effects of weather and heat loss. This way, the locking system has proven itself in energy-efficient doors. Winkhaus has further optimised this technology for autoLock AV4D: Thanks to the new and unique geometry, the shape of the hooks counteracts door warpage even more effectively.

Building element professionals are also pleased with uniform frame parts and a more tolerant response to airgap differences. The modular technology uses uniform faceplates and rods, which makes it easier to store the parts. It even allows subsequent upgrades: The mechanical locking system can be retrofitted with a motor (EAV). This way, fingerprint solutions or a pin pad can be added as electric release.

Wide range of variants
Several variants are available for the building owners’ varying requirements: The autoLock AV4D M2 3-point locking system operates with two duo hooks and is RC2-capable. Equipped with four duo hooks, the autoLock AV4D M4 system provides even more solid protection.

autoLock AV4D OR is ideal for multi-family houses that have to let people out of the building at any time in an emergency. The technology features a keyless immediate locking function which engages as soon as the door is pulled closed. In this way, unwanted visitors are reliably kept out. The system also guarantees that the locked door can still be opened without a key from the inside at all times.

Smooth-running mechanism
The sophisticated AV4D multi-point locks also provide many other convenient advantages: A central magnetic trigger makes for a smooth-running locking mechanism, thus effectively preventing faulty operation. This also counteracts swirl marks on the keeps which can be caused by tracer pins or latches that are not fully retracted. Fewer visible mechanical elements lend the magnetic trigger an unobtrusive appearance.

Convenience in everyday life, protection during the holiday season.
Since the locking systems can be combined with various additional functions, doors can be individually configured for the customer – ideally in consultation with the building owner.

The practical daytime latch that Winkhaus offers for selected door locking systems is a common customer request. This option is available for all versions of the autoLock AV4D. The popular TaFa daytime latch with one-handed operation for everyday use provides assistance when the door needs to remain open, for instance when carrying in the shopping. It can be easily mechanically activated with a single action and holds the door open for a brief time, much like a conventional electric door strike.

All variants of the AV4D are equipped with the holiday lockout function as a standard feature. If you want even more security while on holiday or during other long absences, the holiday function can be activated with just one turn of the key, preventing the door from being opened from the inside. This also prevents children from leaving the house unsupervised, for example.

The optional integrated entryguard of the autoLock AV4D system also provides protection from unwanted opening. It creates distance from people standing at the door and keeps small children in the house. After all, it only allows the door to be opened a small crack wide. The concealed fitting technology of the entryguard unlocks in a unique manner when opened from the outside via the key and from the inside when released by the entryguard knob.

autoLock AV4D offers a variety of advantages and functions. Winkhaus partners can contact technical support at any time if required to get to know all of them in detail. It also provides assistance when introducing the system at the company and for obtaining RC2 certifications for the elements.

autoLock AV4D – So leicht geht Sicherheit


Long-lasting and trendy-looking convenience for doors