Tailor-made for craftsmen

The joinery Schreinerei Prentzel Fensterbau fulfils a wide range of customer requirements with Winkhaus window and door technology

Hardly any field requires more flexibility than construction work on existing buildings or even listed buildings. To survive in this field, you have to be willing to find imaginative solutions and produce unique products. Schreinerei Prentzel Fensterbau specialises in this challenging work, but also produces windows and doors for new buildings. The component professionals solve almost any task with Winkhaus technology.

Founded in 1699, the traditional company has been active in window construction for a long time. The family business has specialised in wood processing for many generations. The customers are qualified tradespeople who are experts in their field. They have already installed Prentzel windows in numerous listed buildings throughout northern Hesse.

Master carpenter Marko Prentzel manages the company, which is based in Fritzlar. The region is known for its old timber framing tradition. With twenty employees, the company produces windows and doors made of wood and wood-aluminium. Nothing is sold "off the rack". In addition to elaborate windows and doors for historic buildings, customers also order components in contemporary looks with large installation depths and high insulation values. “Our customers demand high quality and we also expect this from our suppliers,” reports Prentzel, “we get the required quality from Winkhaus.” The broad selection of products in the Winkhaus range is also an advantage: “We almost never have to say no,” he confirms, giving an example: “We build large and heavy oak windows with triple glazing and security equipment with activPilot Giant, as the fitting can hold a sash weight of up to 180 kilogrammes.”

Wide range of products
The demand for elements with burglary protection among experienced window manufacturers is increasing. With Winkhaus fittings, Prentzel produces windows in various security levels up to RC3. Just a few additional work steps are required for increased burglar resistance, because the manufacturer-friendly fitting systems are modular and well thought-out.

activPilot Topstar and Select fittings are regularly used, and meet the highest aesthetic expectations with their concealed hinge sides. “We also like using activPilot Comfort,” explains the boss. The fitting system for parallel action of the window sash enables secure and healthy room ventilation. As the ventilation position is barely visible with a circumferential gap of approx. 6 mm, this solution is also ideal for windows in listed buildings. This gives Prentzel and its customers a unique selling point in the regional wooden window market.

Prentzel also fits entrance doors with Winkhaus technology: We use the entire range of locks – from the hookLock mechanical security door locking system and the blueMatic and blueMotion motorised locking systems, to the panicLock anti-panic locking systems,” Prentzel adds, “Winkhaus delivers what we want”.

Sustainable material
Prentzel’s range of window and door technology is large and innovative. To keep its customers up to date, the window manufacturer offers training courses for carpenters and specialist dealers from the region. One of the topics here is the handling of the materials the elements are made from.
Today, the family business processes wood more consciously than ever before. Here’s the reason why: Sustainability. The wood used by Prentzel is full of time and the force of nature. “If you want to protect the environment and install natural products, you’re in the right place,” says the owner.

Sustainable aspects therefore also play an important role when selecting suppliers. In Winkhaus, the window manufacturer has a partner on the same wavelength: The company’s environmental management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001, and all production sites in Germany are certified in accordance with DIN ISO 5001 (energy management). Winkhaus supplies many fitting parts processed at Prentzel in recyclable small load carriers to save as many resources as possible.
This is another reason why both family businesses are a good match. Together, they are facing the challenges of the present and the future responsibly.

Schreinerei Prentzel


Tailor-made for craftsmen