Successful at Polyclose in Ghent

Success for Winkhaus Belgium SRL at Polyclose 2024 in Ghent

Contemporary technology for modern entrance doors attracted numerous
trade fair visitors to the Winkhaus stand at Polyclose in Ghent. There was
also great interest in fitting systems for large-format windows in trendy
design. The innovations were presented by the team from Winkhaus
Belgium SRL.
The company opened on 1 January 2024 in Beaufays near Luttich is “proof of our
many years of successful market cultivation and is a clear signal for the future
growth of Winkhaus in the Belgian market”, emphasises Timm Scheible, Head of
Sales and Member of the Management Board of the Winkhaus Group. “We are
also working towards even closer cooperation and support for our partners and
customers on site in Belgium.”
Numerous visitors came to the Winkhaus stand at the trade fair for windows,
doors and access control to find out about the new products. Among other things,
the focus was on technology for modern windows, which places high demands on
window professionals. They often deal with sash weights of 130 kilogrammes and
more, both in production and during installation on-site. The activPilot Concept
turn-tilt window fitting system from Winkhaus is prepared for such challenges.
With its strong hinge side, the fitting can even carry sash weights of up to 150
Press release
12. February 2024
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Concealed fittings underline elegant window design
The Winkhaus activPilot Topstar window fitting is recommended for elegant
design windows with narrow frames. This system can be used to build a wide
range of windows made of PVC-U, timber or aluminium, which close flush on the
inside and have no visible fitting parts. It can also be used to produce very large
and heavy windows with sash weights of up to 150 kilogrammes. The innovative
traction rod technology is responsible for the high load-bearing capacity. It also
facilitates handling in the factory and on the construction site.
Winkhaus also offers the aluPilot system for Belgian metalworkers. Thanks to
aluPilot, a wide range of windows for commercial buildings can be produced
extremely efficiently. Significant time savings are achieved in the manufacture of
aluminium windows: The innovative technology reduces fitting time by up to ten
minutes. This visibly impressed many stand visitors.
Convenience for dark entrance doors
The new generation of security door locking systems, by means of which many
building element professionals wish to expand their range of trendy entrance
doors, met with a great deal of enthusiasm. The new autoLock AV4D automatic
locking system, the blueMaticEAV4 and EAV4+ motorised locking systems and
the blueMotion+ fully motorised security door locking system are robust,
convenient and particularly suited for entrance doors in a dark look. This easy-toinstall technology enables many other useful functions to be implemented in
addition to burglar resistance up to RC2. After all, modern entrance doors not
only fulfil security and representation tasks, but are now also firmly established in
the world of smart homes.
Opening the door with the smartphone
The highlight of the new blueMatic EAV4+ and blueMotion+ door locking systems
is the added convenience, which is ensured by an innovative motor housing with
an integrated wireless module communicating via Bluetooth or WLAN. With this
concept, blueMatic EAV4+ can unlock the door, and blueMotion+ can lock and
unlock the door via the Winkhaus doorControl App (Android and IOS). This turns
the smartphone into a universal door opener and removes the need to install
additional access controls. So it's hardly surprising that many visitors to the stand
wanted to experience these exhibits up close.
Semi-automatic technology for ease of use
The new hookLock HA semi-automatic security door locking system for
aluminium, wood and PVC-U doors, which is about to be launched, also attracted
a lot of attention. The smooth-running technology combines safety with an
excellent tight seal. This is ensured by two key-operated security hooks made of
solid steel as well as two additional latches that hold the sash firmly in place and
make re-locking with the key easier if necessary. Semi-automatic technology also
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offers valuable benefits when the door is unlocked, as it closes the door
particularly tightly even if it is only pulled closed.
The perfect look – cylinders in a sophisticated look
Winkhaus technology has high design standards that extend right down to the
door cylinder. That’s why the manufacturer has added matt black cylinders in
many variants to its range. The subtle look in dark door sashes made a lasting
impression on visitors to the stand. The new cylinders are available as double,
half and knob cylinders in various versions up to a length of 80 mm per side.
Contact persons on-site
The presentation and consultations at the trade fair stand in Ghent were provided
by the Belgian Winkhaus team, which is well-known in the market and belongs to
the newly founded subsidiary. With this subsidiary, Winkhaus aims to be closer to
the customer, provide even better advice and at the same time win new local
customers over with their products and services. Thomas Leonard has built up
the market in Belgium for Winkhaus for many years and is responsible for sales
management there. He is now taking the next step and moving to the position of
Managing Director to further drive the development in Belgium forward. "We
know the market and its requirements very well, because we have long-term
customer relationships. Our goal is to intensify and further expand these
connections. Winkhaus Belgium will grow in partnership with our customers and
shape the future," he announces.


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