primePort: Increased convenience for patio and balcony doors

New range of convenient sliding fittings solves almost every task

The time has finally come: At FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2024, Winkhaus will be presenting the highly anticipated new primePort system family for the first time. Whether slide-tilt, parallel action slide, turn-slide or lift-slide doors and windows – the new fittings master any challenge. The innovative range is characterised by high ease of use, easy processing and efficiency in production as well as a wide range of applications.

The new sliding fittings in the primePort family meet the diverse requirements of window professionals. The system is suitable for all common frame materials such as PVC-U, timber or aluminium and offers the right technology for almost every installation situation – be it for old and new buildings, private residential buildings, multi-family and high-rise buildings or commercial and industrial properties. "We are pleased to present the new primePort sliding fitting to our customers and partners for the first time at the Fensterbau trade fair. With this extension of the product range, we have succeeded in completing the range in proven quality and functionality," says Timm Scheible, Sales Director and Member of the Executive Board of Winkhaus Group.

primePort SK: Versatility is standard
It has never been easier to build large-scale tilt and slide window elements for balconies and terraces than with primePort SK. The new fitting system is based on the tried-and-tested components of the activPilot standard fitting, with only the sliding-tilt components being added. This makes it very easy for the processor to include balcony and terrace windows in their range and still keep storage costs low.

During development, Winkhaus engineers also placed great importance on ease of installation. For example, the window sashes can be mounted on the construction site without tools. Only a tool, a Torx screwdriver, is required to adjust or remove the window sash. The window handles, which are available for window professionals as flush-mounted or surface-mounted drive units, can also be installed quickly and easily. Handles and covers are available in seven different colours. It is possible to order the same handle series for all sliding window variants.

The robust system is designed for sash weights of up to 100 kg as standard (system variant SK 100 S). For larger sashes up to 160 kg, only two reinforcement parts are required for the bogies (system variants SK 160 S and SK 160 Z). For even higher requirements, tandem bogies are used, with which sash weights of up to a maximum of 220 kg can be achieved (system variant SK 220 Z). primePort SK offers burglary resistance up to resistance class RC2 and meets individual requirements with three variants:

primePort SK 100 S and SK 160 S
The universal solution impresses with its intuitive operation and already covers a large part of the most frequently requested elements. The sash can be opened for pushing or tilting with a single, familiar handle. A handle rotation of 90 degrees allows the sash to slide; the usual 180 degree rotation upwards brings it into the tilt position.

primePort SK 160 Z and SK 220 Z
With just a few additional elements, primePort SK-S becomes a slide-tilt fitting that offers additional security and ease of use: The primePort SK-Z features assisted control that ensures that nothing goes wrong when large window or door sashes are tilted. By simply turning the handle 180 degrees, the sash is automatically moved from the locked position to the tilt position, which minimises the risk of incorrect operation and possible consequential damage.

primePort PAS
Energy-efficient ventilation is one of the most important purchasing arguments for building owners when choosing windows. The primePort PAS sliding fitting has the additional function developed by Winkhaus, called “opelosing”. In this opening position, the sliding sash is positioned approx. 6 mm parallel to the frame. This allows fresh air to flow gently into the room without cooling it down. Of course, the sliding sash can also be opened over the entire window width to make full use of the advantages of a sliding window door. Thanks to the tried-and-tested modular system from Winkhaus, the parallel action function ("opelosing") can be quickly installed in window production.

primePort AS: Minimum space required for maximum view
Winkhaus has developed the new primePort AS retract-slide fitting especially for installation situations in urban environments. This fitting allows generous window openings without the open sash taking up space in the room. The primePort AS’s unique retract-slide mechanism keeps the window tightly closed, even when high wind loads act on the facade. This also makes it suitable for use in windows in high-rise buildings. The innovative fitting reduces operating errors on the window to a minimum, making the installation of fail-safe devices unnecessary. As all moving fitting parts are concealed in the window frame, no additional cover profiles are required for the Winkhaus technology, which gives primePort AS windows an extremely elegant appearance.

primePort AS impresses with its versatility and is suitable for a wide range of window formats and weights: The standard version carries up to 200 kg, with tandem bogies the maximum sash weight is increased to 250 kg. Like all Winkhaus systems, primePort AS is also designed to be user-friendly. The central locking system can be configured from the activPilot modular system, supplemented by a few additional elements. Thanks to the roller-guided closing mechanism, the window can be operated with little effort. The low number of coupling points simplifies installation.

The primePort AS can optimise the functionality and security of the sliding element with an additional comfort component. The “Softclose” function ensures a convenient pull-in for the retract-slide fitting. This ensures that the sash closes smoothly to the desired position. Thanks to the individual arrangement of the frame part, the Softclose feature can also be converted into a safety stop function. The “Safetystop” function includes braking the sash in the desired position. This can prevent injuries such as trapping limbs.

primePort HS: Barrier-free fitting for exclusive living
For premium window elements without compromise: The new high-quality primePort HS lift-slide fitting from Winkhaus seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor areas without any disruptive barriers. The robust technology is strong enough to move even large door elements of up to 440 kg effortlessly. A low threshold enables convenient and virtually barrier-free access to the outside. Comfort features include intuitive operation and a long handle for easy handling with little effort.


primePort: Increased convenience for patio and balcony doors