Winkhaus Nano Protect: a regenerating surface

The standard coating for window fittings and door locking systems “Made in Germany”

Moisture, salty air and mechanical loads – window fittings and door locking systems from Winkhaus hold up dependably. They defy the weather and thwart attempted break-ins. And they even recover from the rigours of everyday life. The innovative high-tech Nano Protect coating protects the robust steel core of the parts as a standard feature. As such, Winkhaus Technik remains exceptionally effective in the long term and makes a significant contribution to window and door security.

Winkhaus subjects its steel blanks to a complex finishing process in its own electroplating shop to ensure that the technology can withstand a wide range of attacks. The result is excellent corrosion resistance and an appealing appearance that lasts for many decades.

Highest resistance class as standard
The Winkhaus Nano Protect surface coating lends the components a shimmering silver matt finish. It meets the requirements of the highest corrosion protection class 5 according to DIN EN 1670, making it extremely resistant. In the salt spray test, it can withstand 480 hours – an ideal factor for protection from rust, even under harsh conditions.

Scratch-resistant for everyday use
A remarkable feature of the Nano Protect coating is its self-regeneration ability: In the case of light scratches in daily use, the silicon dioxide particles contained in the layers can “migrate” to the affected area and seal them permanently. This makes Winkhaus window and door fittings exceptionally durable and good-looking after much time has passed.

In-house electroplating facility: Quality and on-schedule production in our own hands
Winkhaus is one of the few manufacturers in Germany to perform electroplating in its own plants. In-house cultivation of technology and know-how has many advantages: a high level of quality, less dependence on suppliers, quick reaction capability, responsible handling of coating materials and sustainable, resource-saving processes. To achieve this, the company has invested in state-of-the-art technologies at its sites in Telgte and Meiningen in recent years. In-house laboratories, treatment plants and combined heat and power plants promote environmentally friendly and resource-saving operations. The waste heat from production is used to heat the electroplating plants. Independence from third-party coaters also enables us to react more quickly to customer requests and determine surface quality entirely on our own.


Winkhaus Nano Protect