Prepared for an emergency

Intelligently protecting critical infrastructure

Whether cyber attacks, sabotage or terrorist attacks – critical infrastructure facilities require special protection to safeguard the supply of the population. However, each property is unique and therefore places very individual requirements on the security concept. What role can electronic access control play here and what needs to be taken into account during planning?

What counts as critical infrastructure?
The new EU Directive on the protection of network and information systems (NIS2) has been in force since 16 January 2023. It specifies the security obligations that apply for operators of critical infrastructure. Eighteen sectors are defined, including energy, health, finance, water, transport, digital services, public administration and much more. The scope of the new EU Directive thus goes beyond that of the German Regulation on Critical Infrastructures (Kritis) . The new EU Directive applies to all medium-sized (50 – 250 employees, annual turnover of 10 – 50 million euros) and large companies operating in defined fields.

Hospitals, energy providers, data centres and other facilities from the critical sectors must therefore take special precautions to ensure that supply is also guaranteed in the event of a disaster. As controlling access to and in the building is naturally an important aspect, we are also on hand when it comes to security in the company.

Individual solutions for building security
A wide variety of tailored solutions are possible thanks to the comprehensive hardware program and the customisable software we develop in-house. A blueSmart locking system can be set up and managed conveniently and flexibly. Access authorisations can be issued or changed to the exact minute.

The electronic door cylinders have the same dimensions as mechanical models and work offline. This means that they do not need to be wired and are easy to install. They are operated with robust electronic keys that are comfortable to hold, waterproof (IP68) and resistant to hand sanitizer. The smart locking system also works with transponders or cards.

Threat code in the event of danger
A second query device in the form of a blueSmart touchTerminal TT35 offers even more security during access. It is perfect for areas where blueSmart should apply stricter access checks. This "intellectual lock" via a personal code that must also be entered, is required in many security areas. To protect employees from acute threats, a threat code can also be entered, opening the door and triggering a silent alarm without being noticed by the attacker. This can be used to notify the security service, for example.

Crisis team function
A special crisis management team function can even be implemented with the innovative technology. To this end, we developed a special application that enables access to rooms in the building to be switched between normal operation and crisis management team operation via a key switch. For this feature, an online access reader is combined with the touchTerminal TT35. The online reader is inactive in crisis team mode. In this case, access is granted by entering a PIN code (6 digits) on the touchTerminal TT35.

Protection for cyber attacks
An electronic locking system offers many advantages. This includes greater flexibility and convenience, but also greater security and lower consequential costs in the event of key loss. If a key is lost, it is quickly disabled on the computer where the system’s administration software is installed. To protect the digital management itself from cyber attacks, it is advisable to run this server on a server disconnected from the Internet. In the event of an emergency, access authorisations can be held in the access control centres, as well as in the blueSmart upload readers for a few days as a precaution. This ensures that access to the building remains possible even if the network connection is interrupted.

Regardless of whether the building to be secured is part of the critical infrastructure, you can organise and manage it intelligently and reliably with blueSmart. Smart technology supports a compliant solution for your project. Many properties with very different functions are now secured for the future with blueSmart. You can find some examples here:

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